The dress of pure lines of Laura Monge

What does it matter if the days are gray if we have the best nuptial inspiration? Do not miss this compendium of images with a dress of pure lines by Laura Monge. Classic and current at the same time!

Perhaps you have been fantasizing about day B for a long time, it is the most natural thing in the world since it is one of the most special days for any woman. One imagines with a super dress print but when the time comes, it is very likely that you change your mind and decide for something more modest.

The description that most designers listen to when asking the bride what her ideal dress would look like is “simple but with special details”. And as I know, that this style (I share it myself) is your favorite, I wanted to show you this beautiful dress by Laura Monge.

A classic dress with boat body neckline fitted with tweezers to highlight the physiognomy of the bride. Surely you have stopped to look at the strip of vertical trimmings that it has in the center of the body, and that also coincides with the cuff of the sleeve three quarters.

But the best was yet to come, a wonderful “V” back with different lace and brocade textures that captured all eyes.

The skirt stood out for the striking quality of its fabric; with body and character crowned by a beautiful sash. In the back, a thin cloak with the same lace that looked on the back appeared. An ideal detail!

We could define it as a classic bride but with a current air at the same time. I love these photos captured by Tach Studio with a relaxed girlfriend supported by a jaguar from the year 1980. A mixture between the everyday routine with the magic of a dress as special as the bride.

For the hairstyle, he opted for a nice spiky braid that began at the nape of the neck and left loose the strands that framed the face. An elegant but carefree air at the same time since afterwards it would be complemented with a beautiful veil.

The whole look stood out for the sobriety, so in the makeup they wanted to risk a little more. Smoky eyes in earth tones and blacks, porcelain skin with marked rouge and lips in peach tone.

What do you think about this new dress? You are more of dresses of pure lines or XXL volume like a wedding dress that is pure poetry.