The bride of the minimalist embroidery dress

la-champanera-wedding-blog-dress-embroidered-laura-monge6Many brides are clear that they want an embroidered dress for their big day. But the truth is that with this detail there are times that instead of closing chapters, the search for dress can be complicated since most of the embroidery is a true work of art. Do not miss the one that I present in this post!

The value of an embroidered dress lies in the meticulous work that must be carried out so that this aesthetic is also of high quality and ultra precise. An artisanal work that can only be carried out by a specialized professional.

The dress of Laura Monge that stars in this post is wonderful. A design formed by a base in crep with suspenders and triangular neckline that is then dressed with another dress made with a beautiful fabric of minimalist floral embroidery.

In this in particular we distinguish a body with a subtle turned neck with trimmed ends. Another special detail is the center strip of trimmings and minibotons.

It is a tight body that later gives way to a skirt with more body thanks to the variety of layers that make it up.

And I could not close the description without talking about embroidery, the most special detail of this dress. This floral embroidery in mini size and in ecru color has seemed an ideal option for those brides who want a special reason but without being extravagant.

A floral waterfall that covers the body of the bride and accompanies you by the vicinity of some of the busiest areas of Madrid such as El Retiro Park or La Puerta de Alcalá.

A dress that is distinguished by the thousand and one details that make it up. You just need to pay attention for a few minutes to make sure that your designer – Laura Monge – calmly meditates every stitch of her creations.

In addition, this dress seemed to me an ideal option for mid-season weddings because it plays to clueless thanks to its areas with transparencies combined with three-quarter sleeves.

For this style, the beauty look was composed of a thick mane with thick waves and a makeup that emphasized the look and marked the lips in a beautiful peach tone. All made by Oui Brides.

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