A wedding dress that is pure poetry

There is no better time than the day of your wedding to show your most authentic and creative side, wearing a wedding dress with a design that faithfully reflects your essence. This Laura Monge costume is unique. Pure poetry. Would you dare?

The day of your wedding you have to be yourselves. There is no better advice than that. So, if you like something in excess, be excessive; always maintaining the harmony of the whole. And, to achieve that, it is necessary to put yourself in the hands of a designer who is capable of transmitting your essence in a single garment: the wedding dress. That is not an easy task … But you never know, you could even create a trend!

Creativity and elegance are perfectly captured throughout this suit signed by Laura Monge . An authentic inspiration for brides who want to get away from the mermaid cuts, straight lines and conventional dresses.

A suit that combines volume and movement in a masterly manner, splurging style in each of its details. The body consists of a tight top, which highlights the face of the bride, and semitransparent balloon sleeves made with silk crepe and silk organza sleeves.

These spectacular sleeves deserve special mention. Divided into two parts by a small striped organza ribbon, they end in cuffs that extend to the middle of the forearm. Only suitable for brides with a lot of personality!

To make the body of the dress even more special – and to counteract the volume, by lightening it – a “v” shaped back neckline was designed and framed with the same organza ribbon used in the sleeves.

The fabric of the cuffs connects in turn with the skirt, subtly joining the upper and lower parts of the dress.


In between, a satin sash that opens the way to the beautiful brocade fabric that shapes the skirt. On the back, a long line of buttons links the sash with the rest of the skirt.

A piece with volume, which is generating folds with the movement of the bride and that counteracts the vaporousness of the body of the dress. Another detail that I love and that starts to be in vogue? The pockets.

In short, a dress with a confection and an exquisite design: singular, elegant, wonderful; own style difficult to define with a single word.

To soften the strength of this dress, this bold look , we chose a very simple hairstyle. A low ponytail, streaks in the middle and light waves in the mane. As an ornament, a white velvet bow whose ribbons fell along her blonde hair.

In makeup, however, have opted for a beauty look with great strength, offset the simplicity and delicacy of the hairstyle. Smoky eyes in earth tones -to emphasize the look and highlight the honey-colored iris of the bride-, long and bushy lashes, and well defined black stripe. The clear skin and lips in peach color, similar to the tone of the cheeks, to give a touch of color.